Machine Translation

Machine Translation has recently made major advances in terms of quality and coverage with the advent of Neural Network architectures. Machine Translation is an area of Natural Language Processing with a clear practical importance, as it facilitates the communication between people across different countries and cultures. It can also be used as a key component in other AI solutions that require language understanding in multiple different languages.

See Our Demo


With this demo you can try a general purpose machine translation model for translating from Finnish into English. We develop purpose-built machine translation systems for our clients's needs, which can for example cover specific language pairs or include models optimized for a certain domain. We also conduct machine translation research in collaboration with the University of Helsinki Language Technology group and have published multiple peer reviewed articles on the topic (see e.g. Talman et al. 2019, Raganato et al. 2019, Raganato et al. 2018a and Raganato et al. 2018b). The demo utilizes the new OpusMT translation server project developed at University of Helsinki.

Type or copy some Finnish text into the first text box below and hit enter or click Translate. Currently the demo is limited to translating individual sentences.